Northeast Survey Consultants Staff Bios

At Northeast Survey Consultants, we have some of the most talented individuals working for us.

Dan Stasz, Owner and Founder, MA & ME RPLS

imageAs the Owner and Founder, Dan is responsible for the day to day operations of the firm. These responsibilities include project planning, scheduling, quality control, project management, and financial & business management. He has extensive experience in analysis, calculations, research and reconnaissance, with particular emphasis in analysis and research of difficult boundary surveys.

Dan is responsible for insuring that all projects are completed accurately and on time. Northeast Survey prepares both property line surveys and surveys which support engineering and design work for transportation, site development, water, wastewater, and environmental projects in both the public & private sectors.

Dan serves as project facilitator for various communication architectural and engineering firms, as well as State agencies throughout the region. As a registered surveyor in both Maine and Massachusetts, he is the surveyor-of-record for survey work performed in either state.

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Brian Franetovich,  Senior Project Surveyor

image Brian is a registered Surveyor-in-Training, who excels in both the field and office aspects of surveying. A longtime interest in land surveying led him to seek out one of the few colleges in New Jersey to offer a degree program in surveying, and has an Associate’s degree in land surveying technology. He currently is working on a degree in Geography & Regional Planning so he may better assist our clients by, for example, incorporating GIS data into our surveys.

He has unique experience performing beach nourishment and beach erosion surveys using RTK GPS in conjunction with amphibious vehicles along the coastline of Northern New Jersey and Long Island.  He also was a party chief that conducted hydrographic surveys for dredging projects in Oregon, Washington, California, & Hawaii.

Brian is a field-to-finish surveyor who oversees the other surveyors in the firm. He had drafted hundreds of plans and has been deeply involved with surveying in MA since 2005. He is assigned projects that require accurate location of boundaries & easements and excels in the preparation of topographic & boundary plans. His expertise includes the knowledge of all the current software and firmware the office uses along with the operation of the robotic total stations.

Nate Anable, Project Surveyor

imageNate is a qualified project surveyor, and a licensed Surveyor-in-Training.  He is an experienced field-to-finish surveyor, working in the field as an instrument operator and as a CAD operator.

At Northeast Survey he works as a field-to-finish surveyor either as a two man team or as a one-man crew utilizing a Leica 1205+ robotic total station, performing tasks including deed research, planning course of traverse, setting points, taking observations for topographic & property line surveys. Processing field data to produce final plans is also part of his experience, which fits with the Northeast Survey model of field-to-finish surveying. His skills include use of Carlson data collection & mapping software along with other current programs.

Jon Dean, Project Surveyor

After gaining many years of surveying experience in Pittsfield, MA, Jon is a true asset to our firm. His determination and experise in the field along with his total understanding of the office software allows us to produce thorough and detailed surveys at an accelerated pace. He is a graduate of Paul Smith's College, receiving an A.A.S. degree in Surveying Technology.

Jeff Golay, Project Surveyor

Jeff graduated from UMass Amherst and is a licensed forester. He has brought with him his boundary and field experience working for a large land management company in Massachusetts. He is also well versed in CAD and GIS software. Jeff's tenacious work ethic and attention to detail have made him invaluable to the firm.

Derrick Boudreau, Project Surveyor

imageWe are very sad to say that Derrick, a long time member of our group, is no longer with us.  He passed away in April of 2012.  He was a great person and a great surveyor. He helped shape not only our company, but each one of us; and there is no doubt that he will be missed.


Twiki, Head Robot

imageTwiki is one of our two Leica 1205+ Series robotic total stations. Our robotic total stations allow us to operate as one-person field crews, increasing our efficiency and eliminating human error in the sighting of targets.

Twiki enjoys spending time outdoors and enjoys hiking, math, geometry and gadgets.

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